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Now-a-days people are becoming very much enthusiastic about Computerized Accounting System. Most business, big or small whatever it is, now uses Accounting Software in their computers to handle their accounting data. When business switch to computerized accounting, they soon discover that it is very easy to maintain accounts through accounting software. When a business selects Computerized Accounting first time, it has to create all necessary ledgers and enter opening balances, then need to enter all transactions in Vouchers. That’s all the business has to do and the computer does everything else.
It’s Excellent!! Amazing!!

Benefits of Computerized Accounting System

Which software should I buy?
Well, there is no one definite answer to this question. To understand why, imagine answering the question, what’s the best car to buy? In order to answer, you would first need to ask questions such as: How many passengers do you normally have? How much are you willing to spend? What features are important to you? One of these considerations might outweigh all of the others. Once you have all the information, there might be two or three cars, which meet the criteria. The final decision will be based on personal preference. So, you have to decide what you want in the software.

Troyee Accounting Software
What if all the accounting and inventory modules including financial accounting, general ledger, inventory management, fixed assets management and many more were enclosed in one software unlike the conventional accounting software, which usually has separate modules and addable on individual pricing if required.

Best Business Bond Limited (3BL), a local software firm came up with such a solution named Troyee, a package for maintaining enterprise resource and accounting inventories. The main architect of the Troyee software, Tapan Kumar Paul told the IT correspondent of The Independent, “Our two programmers have led the eight member team for over three years in structuring the main components of the software. During the designing program for software, we had little time for rest or sleep”.

Website of Troyee

Why it’s better than others
Local accounting software Troyee is taking quantum leap over the international software for the accountants of the country. Three-dimensional facilities have been added in the software interfaces called simple, flexible and reliable by the software developers. The local software is trying to stop the mushrooming of international software sales in the country.

Recently we are watching the increasing demand for Indian Software in the country buoyed by the absence of standard local software. Therefore, currency is going out of the country with wide scale software import. Meanwhile our software developers are getting little scope in designing their own software.

Troyee is a more improved version of this software than some well-known foreign brands. Excel, a Microsoft product, is being installed in most of our country’s computers. But this renowned Microsoft accounting software is not enriched with many options like our software. Its many limitations cannot fulfill user requirements.
Moreover its security system is so fragile that not only hackers, but even general computer users can crack the information in the software.

The special side of Troyee Accounting Software is managing accounts of many branches of a company. The assigned persons of the company can see remote branches’ accounts and audits. They have to put information in a server which will be accessible from computers with networking facilities or online.

Troyee Enterprise Edition possesses all features those needed to be present in world-class purchase-inventory-sales integrated with financial accounting software. In addition Troyee has built-in Fixed Asset Register, Manufacturing Account, Product Costing, Branch Accounting, Data Synchronizing facility in between head-office and branch-office, item-wise profitability, product-wise, part/party-wise, product analysis report.

It has more than 500 built-in reports. It is also informed by 3BL authority that Troyee is very suitable for small, medium and large organization having trading, non-trading, manufacturing concerns, shopping mall or small shop to maintain their accounting inventor, purchases-sales, manufacturing and management information system.

Before releasing the software we solved frequent troubles in its operation which 3BL Company faced. The users of Troyee can say it the process of strengthening software. Now Troyee is almost hassling free. Even if viruses make the software vanish from computers, Troyee’s clients will get another one for restarting work.

Future of Troyee
It can be said that about 100 per cent general accounting jobs can be done with Troyee Accounting Software, even if it covers 60 to 70 per cent employer requirement we also suggest our clients to install the software.

3BL Company’s current focus is to make Troyee Accounting Software a favorite in the domestic market. Then 3BL will try to export its software on a big scale. Comparatively, software-designing cost in our country is less than that of the developed countries. Providing low cost and quality software in the developed world is possible, if we can create market there. Out embassies across the world can play big role for popularizing our software in the Western world.

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